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Bowers Farm

This rural property sits along the South Wimbee River in the St Helena Sound in the ACE Basin, north of Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. The conservation easement protects wildlife habitat, scenic forested road frontage, water quality and improves military readiness.

Bowers Farm2023-10-17T10:38:18-04:00


The protection of this 2,064 acre property, known as Buckfield protects the water quality of the Port Royal Sound, important wildlife habitat and connects to a much larger landscape of protected lands that serves as an important buffer to the rapidly growing communities in Beaufort and Jasper Counties.


Village Creekside

Along Village Creek on St Helena Island, a conservation easement now protects family property for future generations, such that the family will always have a place to return home to on rural St Helena.

Village Creekside2023-10-17T10:15:16-04:00

Lobeco Farms

Located North of the Whale Branch River, Lobeco Farms protects farmland, the rural character of the Lobeco community and the scenic landscapes that lead to the Sea Islands along Highway 21.

Lobeco Farms2023-10-17T10:07:04-04:00

River Swamp

This 1017.5-acre property, which is located on the Combahee River, holds immense ecological and conservation value, and its protection promises many benefits for both the environment and the community.

River Swamp2023-10-17T09:52:38-04:00

Johnson Cooper Tract

Protected in December 2021, this conservation easement protects 128 acres of longleaf and slash pine in Hampton County.

Johnson Cooper Tract2022-03-16T16:56:23-04:00

Oak Point

Protected in December 2021, this conservation easement protects over 2000 acres of upland and eighteen miles of river and creek frontage in the heart of the St Helena Sound in Beaufort County.

Oak Point2022-03-16T16:57:32-04:00

Combahee Scott Tract

Protected in December 2021, this conservation easement secures three-quarters of a mile of frontage along Combahee River that will protect the adjacent wetlands and bottomland hardwood forest in Colleton County.

Combahee Scott Tract2022-03-16T17:15:32-04:00

Henry Farm

Protected in October 2021, this 88 acre property contains prime farmland and river frontage on St Helena Island, Beaufort County. Owned by the Center for Heirs Property Preservation, it will operate as “St Helena Community Farm”.

Henry Farm2022-03-16T17:17:04-04:00

Strahan Timber Tract

Protected in October 2021, this conservation easement protects 282 acres of long-leaf and mixed pine in Hampton County.

Strahan Timber Tract2022-03-16T17:17:51-04:00


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