Widgeon Point

162 Acres

Preserved 2007 • Beaufort County


Widgeon Point Located in the heart of Beaufort County and surrounded by the pristine marshes of the mighty Broad River, Widgeon Point Preserve is the crown jewel of a series of islands situated between the Chechessee River and the Broad River. At 162 acres, the property supports a mix of various habitats supporting a rich diversity of wildlife and plant species including bald eagle and offers unparalleled views of the Broad River and Port Royal Sound. A brackish pond, visible from Highway 170, is often home to white pelicans and woodstorks and other transitory bird populations.

Could you imagine if this property was instead a development of up to 130 homes? It just wouldn’t be the same! This is why thoughtful planning and land conservation is so important in the lowcountry to protect and preserve the many reasons we all live here and stay here. Caylor Romines

Widgeon Point is also open to the public. Home to a nature trail, event barn, lookout and picnic facility, Widgeon Point is frequented by county residents and visitors from dawn to dusk.

As sea levels continue to rise, current salt marsh in the Port Royal Sound may suffer from higher tides and inundation and become open ocean. Widgeon Point and properties like it currently buffer the salt marsh but may become overtaken by marsh grasses and salt tolerant plants – becoming future salt marsh. Protecting places like this now protects the salt marshes of the future, ensuring that if an acre is lost, an acre can be gained and the incredible ecosystem support the salt marsh provides to us all in the Port Royal Sound region endures.

Widgeon Point was protected in 2007 with funding support from the Beaufort county Rural and Critical Lands Program and South Carolina Conservation Bank. It is owned by Beaufort County and the Open Land Trust.