2,457 Acres

Preserved 2009 • Bamberg County

T The Woodlands Properties represent five easements and 2,457 acres in Bamberg County between the Edisto River and Highway 78. The easements, donated in 2009, protect bottomland hardwood forests, mixed upland pine stands, and three and a half miles of the Edisto River.

The Edisto River is a diverse aquatic system and is frequented by canoes and kayaks in this stretch.

Portions of the property were previously used as a cattle farm and then reforested such that they are managed forests today and the property is used for recreational hunting and retreat. This represents the change that can occur on a landscape over time. Conservation easements may allow for changes between agricultural and forestry when best management practices are followed and conservation values endure.

The property is eligible for listing as a US National Historic Landmark due to its connection to historical fiction write, William Gilmore Simms. Simms is said to be a central storyteller to the antebellum south and his historical fiction and romance stories include Woodcraft (1854) and Eutaw (1856). He resided on the property beginning in 1836 until his death in 1870 and is said to have completed most of his writing here, as well as enjoying visits from Edgar Allen Poe and literary contemporaries. His home, dairy, and writing room still exist on site.

The easements represent conservation gifts from five different grantors – families and
neighbors. Often, the conservation of a landscape can come together when many willing
neighbors embark upon the opportunity together or in short succession. Today, OLT holds an easement downstream from Woodlands and our land trust partners help protect several other properties between Bamberg and Branchville, creating a conservation neighborhood and meaningful protection for the upper reaches of the Edisto River.